17 August 2008

What would you give up?

 Image via Wikipedia I recently discovered The Luxury Fund (via My Greening: Going Green).

Heres an excerpt from their introduction:

This is how it works. Today, you could decide to skip your cup of coffee at the local (or global) coffee shop and instead of running your check card for $3 at the coffee shop, you can run it right here and add $3 to the luxury fund. It's an easy way to make a small sacrifice with a huge impact around the world that can literally save lives. This is not a monthly or annual commitment, it's a day by day choice, and if you decide to forgo a luxury, you can come here immediately and add your money to the fund.

The money is all donated to 4 charities -
Blood Water Mission, Compassion International, International Justice Mission, Love 146

Its a great idea, and definitely a positive step towards living an 'enough' based lifestyle!

So, what will YOU give up?
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