28 February 2011

How to Build a Culture of Community Involvement

One of the biggest issues in many small (and not so small) communities is that of getting volunteers for community organisations and events.  Often it seems to be the same small group of people doing everything.

Below are a few suggestions to encourage more volunteers to come forward.  None of this will result in stampedes of volunteers overnight, but if we think long term about building a community with a culture of active community involvement, they may help.

  • Set up service awards presented by Council/Community Board/local government - monthly/annually/as appropriate
  • Volunteer "jobs" board in the library and also in the Messenger
    * Make sure that listings say skills required, that training is offered, what skills volunteers will gain etc etc
  • Volunteer "jobs" expo
  • Partner with significant employers in the area to have staff community volunteering recognised in some way
  • Partner with Government agencies/Social Services to have community service/volunteering encouraged
  • Put a monthly volunteer interview/profile in local newsletters/newspapers (+ sponsored award?)
    * Why do you volunteer?
    * How did you get involved?
    * What do you get out of it?
    * What skills have you gained?
    * What skills did you need?
    * How much time does it take?
    Interview as diverse range of people as possible - ie not the usual suspects. Eg The bowls club secretary, Lions club treasurer, a volunteer fire fighter, someone from the Marae Committee, a PTA member, the Rugby club Pres ..

How do you encourage Volunteering in your community?

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Math By Ms R said...

Hey Meg,
This post is great! I will be sharing it with my readers, if you don't mind. I just threw down a challenge for the month of March, which I have declared "Do SOMETHING Month" My basic premise was that if we each do a little something, then we can *possibly* enact big change. Your post ties in so nicely with this for those readers who are ready to take the next step in reaching out to others!!
Thank you, as always!
~Nicole :)

Here's a link to my post:

kiwimeg said...

Thanks Nicole. I love your post - and I absolutely don't mind at all if you share this post with your readers!

Janet Luke said...

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