28 March 2011

Save Your Change and Change Your Community ...

A Year of Positive Action: Week Fifteen
Save your change and change the world… okay, maybe you won’t save the world but you could sure help your community! If you set aside your loose change each week through the end of the year you will be surprised at how much you accumulate! Then, if you donate this to an organization doing good in your neighborhood you can really make a difference…and you won’t even feel a pinch in your wallet!

Thanks Positivity Nation for this fabulous idea!  If everyone contributed just a little, imagine the fabulous resources our community could build ....

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kids birthday venue said...

Great idea, I and my husband volunteer our time, but in small communities it is often the same people doing all of the work, so the small change way if a great way to raise funds.

Jonathan Manor said...

great post! great stuff

kiwimeg said...

Thanks for your comments guys :)

It is amazing how - even in not so small communities - the same people always seem to be the ones out making things happen. Usually with a very limited budget!!

Raymond Beccarelli said...

Im making a music by my music i have been making a change with my self and others
check it out at the page above and if you have facebook then the link below
thank you for everything.

Sandy Hayashi said...

Dear Meg,

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Sandy Hayashi
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