05 May 2008

5 Ways to Clear the Clutter

Are you feeling overrun by stuff? Are you running out of places to put things? Is it hard to locate your horizontal surfaces through the accumulated piles of things you might need someday? Perhaps its time to deal to all the clutter!

There's nothing like a good decluttering to make a positive difference to your life. You'll feel less stressed, have more time, more space, less chaos and just plain out less stuff to worry about. Here's some tips to get you started.

1. Give things away
Try joining your local freecycle chapter to locate people who need what you've got. Or donate your unwanted items to a needy organisation. Your old magazines can go to the local retirement home or hospital. Furniture, old clothes, blankets or your kids old toys would be gratefully received by the local Woman's refuge.

2. Sell your stuff
If its too good to just give away, try selling it. Through auction sites like E-Bay or Trademe, or place an ad in your local paper. If you have lots of stuff to sell consider having a garage sale.

3. Too many clothes?
Invite your friends, colleagues and neighbours to your place for a clothing auction. It passes your wearable clutter on to a new home, and gives you some extra cash to update your wardrobe.

4. Don't buy stuff
Borrow books and DVDs from the library, get your newspaper delivered online, download your music rather than buy CDs, join a toy library rather than buy toys for your kids, borrow from your neighbours (and loan in return) . . .

5. Cleaning product clutter
Try narrowing your selection down to a good all purpose cleaner. Floor cleaner diluted makes a good all purpose spray. Baking soda, vinegar and tea tree oil will clean and disinfect pretty much every surface in the house. They are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly!!

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