29 June 2008

5 Ways to Donate to Charity at No Cost to You

Giving to charity is my current focus now that How to Make a Difference has chosen our charity, SALVEASERRA, for the next twelve months.

Its not always easy to fit charitable donations into your budget. So here are a few ways to give to charity at no cost to you . . . YAY!

1. Click to donate
Join Care2 and click to donate to charity every day. You can help everything from abandoned Pets, to Breast Cancer research to stopping Global Warming. So what are you waiting for . . . get clicking!!

2. Recycle your Mobile Phone
Make money for you and for your favourite charity by selling your old mobile phone to EnviroCharities for recycling. Good for your wallet, your chosen non-profit AND the environment.

3. Search the Web
Yep, its as easy as loading one of these search engines as your default and then every search you make generates money for charity. Easy!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Search the web and raise money for charity

4. Improve your Vocabulary
Have a bit of fun, get smarter AND feed the hungry!!

Help end world hunger

5. Chat with your Friends
Use Microsoft Live or your hotmail account and generate money for the charity of your choice.


Dorian said...


Avanoo is a startup that is helping to make the world better by letting people use a new support channel- web presence. Web users can go to Avanoo.com get a badge for a cause and start raising awareness and donations 24/7 effortlessly. And each time one of these badge is clicked, a donation is made to the nonprofit organization on the badge. If you could put a badge on you blog or write about this growing movement, you would be helping to make the world a better place!



kiwimeg said...

Thanks Dorian for letting us know about avanoo.com!!

Anonymous said...


kiwimeg said...

Thanks for stopping by and letting us know about this site. Its great!!

Charity Donations said...

You can also use online apps available on Facebook to help raise money by sharing with your friends, school/college, neighbor anyone you have relation with. Anyone can create online fundraising pages for their favorite nonprofit organization and use Facebook to promote and raise fund through Connect To Charity

kiwimeg said...

Thanks for sharing Connect to Charity! Facebook has such fab potential for fundraising.

Anonymous said...

Buying or selling real estate? Barry Sullivan Homes credits our clients at closing 20% of the commissions paid. The credit amount is then sent to the clients charity of choice. With an average 3% commission on a $300,000 home - net to the charity is $1800.00 and a tax write off for our clients. Win-Win-Win all around. Lots of Real Estate agents and brokers are participating in this. Barry and Tanda Sullivan

kiwimeg said...

What an awesome way to use your business to give back! Thanks for sharing.

TwitchyNoses said...

Will check a few of these out as currently trying to raise much needed funds for our charity TwitchyNoses.org

kiwimeg said...

@Twitchynoses ... thanks for stopping by! There are so many apps available now to help you fundraise! I'm sure you will find something that works for your organisation!