20 September 2008

September Update from SALVEASERRA

Project 1911 update. September 2008. Things are growing, plants and ideas.

By Roberto Lamego - Director, September 17, 2008 05:22 PM

Dear donors and Project friends.

I am glad to say that the “Trees and Education Protect Rainforest in Brazil” project is running smoothly and that the plants and the ideas are growing steadily. I feel that slowly people are beginning to understand and to be more aware of the gravity of the local environmental and water situation that is taking hundreds of rural families out of their land into the cities and some to misery, poverty and crime.
The agroforestry trees in the new planted areas and the coffee plantations are now irrigated with a recently installed system that brings water from the mountain stream. Please see pictures of palm trees plantation and of irrigation of coffee plants.

School groups are visiting the Concordia Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary to spend their day in the forest and also to learn about Agroforestry technology at our Agroforestry Education Center, as did this last group of 34 students that came from a regional Agricultural State School to visit us. This “Day in the Forest” activity was sponsored by the SALVEASERRA/GLOBALGIVING Fund. See project 2239 for fund explanation and the pictures of this students group visit in Photo Gallery.

It is important to say that the project for the donation of irrigated vegetable gardens we started in the beginning of this year was separated from this one and now is on the list of GlobalGiving projects with the title: Provide Vegetable Gardens for Families in Brazil, project 2239.

Thank you all for your support and donations.

Roberto Lamego, director

Visit SALVEASERRA at GlobalGiving to read more about their project and to donate and support their good work.

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Hein Marais said...

Amazing Blog, I really enjoyed it.

kiwimeg said...

Thanks for the feedback - its always nice to hear from people that read it - and even nicer when they say they like it :)