06 July 2009

Can You Really Make a Difference?

Darfur refugee camp in ChadImage via Wikipedia

Global Poverty
Corporate Greed
War in the Congo
The Great Northern Garbage Patch
Genocide in Darfur
Toxins in our Food, Water, Air

In the face of all this does it really matter what we do as individuals?

I take reusable bags to the supermarket . . . but I only ever see one or two other shoppers doing the same thing when I go . . . should I bother?

We use cloth nappies for our kids, but we are definitely in a minority amongst the families I know. Is it worth the effort?

We use vinegar and baking soda to clean pretty much everything in the house - but from the horror expressed by a friend who came to help me clean the house the other day after I had been unwell, I am pretty sure that it is not the norm . . . does it make any difference?

Is it enough for us each to just do our bit? Does it really all add up? What are the most important things we can do to really make a difference?

What do you think?

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