24 July 2008

5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

A large Smithwick's ale billboard, just off Ti...Image via Wikipedia Life can get so complicated. We work 40 hours a week (or more!), we have families and friends to spend time with, wherever we go we are contactable by phone, IM, email, skype, twitter and even old fashioned paper mail (which is usually bills these days!!), then there's TV, Radio, Billboard advertising or some other media bombarding us with (mis)information wherever we go. Sometimes its hard to find time to remember to just breathe . . .

If its all getting a bit much for you, then it could be time to simplify your life. Time to cut the clutter and work on what really matters to you. So take a look at the list below an start paring your life back to the important stuff!

1. What is the important stuff for you?
What do you value most? What do you want to do in your life? Make a list of the 4 or 5 most important things to you. These are the things you want to simplify your life for, the things you want to have more time to do.

2. Practise saying 'NO'
If you don't learn to say the N-word, then you will never simplify your life. If it doesn't fit into your 'Important Stuff' list than say 'NO' . . . and mean it!

3. Slow down
Life isn't a race. Don't get caught up in the speed of modern day living. Take the time to enjoy the moment. Drive slowly - its safer and less stressful. Savour your food - you will tend to eat less and enjoy mealtimes more. Listen - don't hurry conversations along by planning your next move instead of listening with your full attention.

4. Decide what is enough
We are constantly being told we need to have more, to buy more. If you really want to live a more simple life you need to decide how much is enough. Its much easier to declutter your posessions and your schedule once you know what enough is for you.

5. Spend time doing what you love
If you prioritise your time to do the things that you love, you'll find that your days become less hectic and more pleasurable. Sure, you still have to do the dishes and pay the bills . . .

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