06 August 2008

Green Technology

Steel crushed and baled for recycling in a rec...Image via WikipediaGreen technology is a term that is bandied about a lot these days as companies try to cash in on the emerging consumer demand for more eco friendly products. If you believe the ads, then it seems pretty much anything counts as green. But what is green technology really about?

Green technology should be environmentally sound, economically viable and socially equitable.
It needs to meet these criteria from the very beginning of its lifecycle to the end of its useful life when it should be able to be fully reclaimed or recycled.

It may sound like pretty tough criteria, but never fear. If you are a technophile and a greenie there is plenty of appropriate technology out there.

Take a look at EnviroGadget.com for news on all the great eco-friendly gadgets out there. You can find reviews on everything from energy efficient hard drives, to a washing machine/toilet combo that uses the grey water from the washing machine to flush the toilet!

And read 'The Do-Good Imperative' to find out about the innovative technologies that are being developed to meet the needs of people in third world and developing nations.
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