04 August 2008

Lets Take Responsibility

Interstate 80 (Eastshore Freeway) in Berkeley,...Image via Wikipedia Lately I've been hearing a lot of people complaining about the state of the world today. About the rising costs of petrol and groceries, about increased crime and violence, about environmental degradation, about unemployment, how their neighbourhood isn't what it used to be, about the crazy traffic on our roads . . . now don't get me wrong, its not that I don't think these things warrant a grizzle. Its just that the majority of people I hear complaining are blaming it all on someone else - Government, big business, immigrants, terrorists, the rich and powerful - as though they have no personal responsibility for the problem and therefore no responsibility to contribute to the solution.

Its so easy to blame McDonalds for making us overweight rather than accepting responsibility for our own poor diet choices. Or to blame credit card companies for drowning us in debt rather than accepting responsibilty for our own bad spending habits. Or to blame the loss of local jobs on big business rather than on our lack of support for locally made goods

Its time to take a look at the choices we make as individuals and consider their consequences. If we choose to buy overpackaged products, then they will continue to be made. If we choose not to support our local economy, it won't thrive. If we choose to live outside of our means, we will get into debt. If we choose to support businesses that pollute our environment, they will continue to do so.

Its up to each one of us to start making informed and mindful choices about how we live our lives rather than sitting back and waiting for 'them' to fix things for us. Its up to each one of us to start now instead of sitting back and waiting for everyone else to do something - someone needs to be first . . . why not you??

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