24 October 2008

Make a Difference - Take Your Own Lunch to Work

When it comes to changing the world for the better, its easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture and forget how the little actions that everyone CAN do really add up over time to make a huge difference.

Take a look at the following list to see how something as simple as taking your own lunch to work can end up having a significant positive impact!

Its healthier
If you make your own lunch then you can make sure you are choosing healthy foods. For delicious, nutritious lunch ideas, take a look at 'How to Make a Healthy Packed Lunch'.

It produces less waste
When you take your own lunch you can use reusable containers - so you're not generating rubbish to the landfill, or encouraging takeaway restaurants to waste perfectly good food and you are reducing the amounts of energy, water and packaging that go into making pre-packaged and takeaway lunches.

It saves money
Taking your own packed lunch to work could save you around $10 per day. Thats about $50 a week, or approximately $2500 per year. That's a lot of money! (You could purchase more than 100 WE ADD UP Plant Trees T-Shirts for that - and plant over 1000 trees in the rainforest and raise almost $250 for SALVEASERRA!!)

It saves time
Just think how much more time you will have to enjoy your lunch break if you don't have to race around town buying your lunch! Being able to have a relaxing lunch break without needing to queue for food will definitely help you face the second half of the day with more enthusiasm and focus!

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ThreadBeaur said...

I pack my lunch everyday, and I do find it much more relaxing than trying to run around and buy something. I also find that I eat much better when I pack my lunch, no temptation to hit the fast food joint.