22 February 2009

Earth Hour coming to Southland

The logo for Earth HourImage via Wikipedia

Its Earth Hour 2009 at 8:30pm on Saturday, March 28. An hour to turn out the lights and send a message that people worldwide are ready to work together and fight global warming.

Have you signed up for Earth Hour 2009?

I am disappointed to notice that in New Zealand, Earth Hour seems to have been embraced only by local Councils from Christchurch north.

Fortunately for Southland, its not all bad. Although our local councils might not care about Climate Change (the Gore District Council doesn't even provide adequate recycling facilities and feels curbside recycling is too expensive - feel free to contact them here and let them know what you think about that!!), the Eastern Southland Sustainable Living Group is in the throws of putting something together for the night. I will keep you posted!!

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