14 March 2009

3 of the Best Blogs to Help You Make a Difference

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The blogosphere is a busy place, and there are plenty of great green blogs and websites out there. Here's a few I love and thoroughly recommend!

Twilight Earth

Twilight Earth is a fantastic blog "dedicated to saving the Environment through shared News, Discussion, Advocacy and Activism"

Its written by Adam Shake and Derek Markham.

Check put their fabulous article 'The Ties That Bind - Roadblocks that Keep us from Living Sustainably' and watch out every Sunday for their beautiful Photo Sunday articles!

Green Pepper

Great UK site by Paul Thomas covering eco-friendly living and environmental issues.

Read his review of the fascinating book Hungry Planet by photojournalist Peter Menzel and writer Faith Aluisio. Or his thought provoking series on Gifts that Really Matter. And every Friday he offers a Green News Round Up to keep you up to date with the weeks green news from around the web!

Global Stewardship Initiative

The Global Stewardship Initiative is all about "fostering environmental stewardship by connecting with nature and each other in appreciation of the earth's natural resources".

Its a great social networking site where people who care about the planet can connect, share ideas and take action to make a difference and act as stewards of our environment.

Check out the member blogs, photos and forum discussions and join in!

What are your favourite blogs and websites that inspire you to make a difference?

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Paul @ Green Pepper said...

Wow! Thanks Meg, I'm flattered!! You do a pretty good job yourself! I only wish I had more time to blog. However, we're gearing things up in the coming months with some great 'guest' writers. Watch out for that!
Paul ;-)

kiwimeg said...

Looking forward to it!