04 March 2009

Global Search for Innovation in Farming & Rural Communities

Ashoka’s Changemakers have announced the launch of a global, online competition to seek out the most innovative solutions in farming and rural communities iaround the world. The competition is funded as part of a grant awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Today, three quarters of the world’s poorest people—the 1 billion who live on $1 a day or less—live in rural areas, and most rely on agriculture for their food and income. Many small farmers cannot grow enough food to sell or even eat. Ashoka is seeking innovative solutions that will offer these hundreds of millions of the people the opportunity to overcome hunger and poverty.

Over the next two months, you can nominate those who are making a difference in farming and rural communities, or you can submit your own project.

At the end of this period a panel of judges will choose 10 to 15 finalists and the global Changemakers community will then vote for three winners, who will each receive a USD $5000 award from Changemakers to fund their initiatives. The finalists and winners will receive media attention and are showcased on the Changemakers website.

This is an incredible opportunity for all entrants to showcase their project and gain increased access to a global network of innovators, supporters, and investors with the means to help them fund and/or scale their projects.

You can nominate a project or submit your entry here.

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