12 July 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

  1. I read this article about how the escalating costs of childcare mean that raising a child in Britain now costs £800 a month.  Surely, what they are really saying is that the cost of getting someone else to raise your child has risen to £800 a month?

    The article also states that "grandparents are increasingly being asked to take care of children because both parents are required to hold down full time jobs to support the family."   We live in a society where having the latest fashion, a new car, a big house (and accompanying big mortgage) are all considered necessary.  Perhaps if we thought more about what was really important to us we could afford to raise our own children.

  2.  I recently downloaded the DoGooder browser plugin (for firefox of course!).  It hides the generic ads you see on the internet and "shows you thoughtful green related initiatives, philanthropic calls to action, and health and wellness ideas instead."  And 50% of its profits are donated to charity.

  3. Vote for your favourite New Zealand plant/garden organisation to benefit from the LovePlantLife.com endowment fund - and win 6 packets of seeds from the LovePlantLife range, a copy of Save Your Own Seeds and Growing Nutrient-Dense Food by Kay Baxter from Koanga Gardens!

  4. I love this gorgeous print from artsyville's Etsy store.

  5. Did you know that $.25 is all it takes to provide a single child with both vitamin A and antiparasitics for one year? You can help save lives by suggesting the VIVAPRIME Facebook page to your friends. For every person that "Likes" VIVAPRIME, they will donate $.25 to Vitamin Angels to help malnourished children in need around the world.  All it takes is a few clicks to make a difference!
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